Private Accommodations

Just Ask And We’ll Accommodate

People are unique. We understand that. Personal preferences vary, and having options is important to make a person’s world comfortable and familiar. That’s why we’ve gathered together a long list of amenities that encourage choice and the ability to personalize each resident’s world to their liking.


  • Private rooms with baths
  • Families can arrange private parties
  • Coffee socials
  • Monthly lunch and dinner trips to restaurants
  • Visits to churches, museums, Merrill Auditorium, Sea Dogs and seasonal outings
  • Shopping excursions to the Maine Mall, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid and more
  • Games – Scrabble, Bingo, trivia and quiz games
  • Watercolor painting
  • Movies
  • Wine and cheese socials
  • Piano on-site
  • Cooking groups
  • Casco Bay ferry outings (seasonal)
  • Weekly barbecues (seasonal, weather permitting)

On-Site Entertainment

With a reputation for community involvement, our staff works diligently to seek out and nurture a broad range of entertainment venues that appeal to residents on an ever-changing basis.

  • Local visual artists
  • Musical performances
  • Travel photo presentations
  • Local school plays and performances

Unparalleled Quality Care – Thoughtful Professional Support